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Oldbaum's Alex is excited to be attending the WindTech2015 conference in London, Ontario later this month! The second International Conference on Future Technologies in Wind Energy, WindTech2015 will address the technological developments necessary to continuously improve wind turbines and wind farms. Wind energy continues to grow: The portion of electricity generated from wind energy has grown rapidly in Europe, North America, and China, which now accounts for the largest amount of installed capacity by country in the world. Despite these successes, however, the wind industry still faces a number of challenges such as reliability, overall wind farm performance, and offshore wind. These and many more issues will be addressed by WindTech2015 in just a couple of weeks. The conference hosted by the Wind Engineering, Energy and Environment Research Institute (WindEEE RI) will focus in particular on testing procedures – in both field and controlled conditions – and related instrumentation, Oldbaum’s field of expertise.

The Oldbaum team has been working on two presentations that Alex is going to present as part of the conference:

  • Scanning and Nacelle-Based Wind Lidars for Measuring Wind Turbine Wakes; A Cassola, M Stickland, A Oldroyd
    • A talk about the way scanning and nacelle-based LiDARs were used to collect wind data of an offshore wind farm, how the data were processed and compare/contrast results while focus in particular on wind turbine wakes.
  • Cost Effective Offshore Wind Resource Assessment and Uncertainty Reduction - A Case Study; E Coutts, A Oldroyd, R Murthy
    • This presentation of a case study will demonstrate the cost effectiveness of scanning LiDARs for the use in wind assessment campaigns.

Other abstracts will concern field and wind tunnel / laboratory experimental methods, instrumentation, and the use of measurements for validation.


As always, Oldbaum will be tweeting about the event – to keep up to date with the latest developments, follow us on Twitter and join the conversation! @Oldbaum



Hosted by: Wind Engineering, Energy and Environment Research Institute (WindEEE RI)

When: 19 – 21 October, 2015

Where: Western University, London, ON, Canada

Click here to see the WindTech2015 website.


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