Oldbaum presentations at WindTech2015 in Canada

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Last week Oldbaum’s data scientist Alex presented at WindTech2015 in London, Ontario. With the generation of electricity through wind power growing rapidly in Europe, North America, and now notably China, it has become a truly globally employed source for power generation. WindTech2015 set out to address some of the challenges that still persist in the wind industry today and featured presentations on topics like wind tunnel testing, wind farm tools, wind turbines and rotor blades, and many more.

Some of the challenges that the wind industry still faces are wind farm performance and offshore wind. The two Oldbaum presentations on “Cost effective offshore wind measurement”, delivered in the ‘Field Measurements Section’ session, and “Scanning and nacelle-based wind LIDARs for measuring wind turbines wakes”, delivered in the ‘Wind farm tools’ session, were thus spot on in aiming to resolve some of these remaining challenges. The first one was prepared by Alex himself, the second one by our data scientist Emma Coutts. Alex delivered both presentations to an audience of researchers from Canada, Europe and the USA.

Both presentations can be found in our Publications section under “Conferences”.

More information about WindTech2015 here, and on the programme of the conference here.

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