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The Oldbaum Team was very excited to be attending Offshore Energy & Storage Symposium (OSES) 2016 that took place from 13 to 15 July in Valetta, Malta. Speakers from academia and industry presented on various technological, economic and political topics, focusing in particular on energy storage and offshore renewables. Session topics ranged from offshore renewable generation over offshore energy storage to the implementation of such projects and the integration of centralised and de-centralised energy storage in electrical power networks.

Oldbaum’s data scientist Alex Cassola presented on the use of long-range scanning LiDARs for cost effective offshore wind measurement campaigns, focusing on how the technology may be used effectively for measuring offshore wind resources while deployed on shore near the coast. Oldbaum has successfully used this type of LiDAR before in various projects, a few in France and one in Japan. Alex elaborated on these projects, concentrating in particular on the importance of planning measurement strategies in order to obtain valuable results. He mentioned wind vector reconstruction algorithms used in this context, giving two examples, one by Oldbaum and one by Leosphere, and how these tend to perform against on-site met masts. Rounding up the topic of scanning LiDAR technology offshore, Alex demonstrated its possible use offshore as well by using the OWA project and some results of the wake studies conducted as part of it.

Detailed and founded, Oldbaum’s contribution to OSES 2016 was also quite unique: Alex was the only speaker to address the topic of wind measurement campaigns and wind measurement techniques explicitly and was the only one to talk about the offshore use of LiDAR technology.

Not been to Malta and curious what Alex talked about? You can find a link to his presentation here.

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