Oldbaum extends its RS Xplorer range

The RS Xplorer AnywhereJune 2014

Last week Oldbaum extended its range of products: the RS Xplorer range for remote sensing deployments offers an increased level of flexibility for clients working on wind projects.

RS Xplorer Anywhere, the trailer derivative in the RS Xplorer range, makes it significantly easier to get power to rough complex sites: Mounted on a custom-built off-road trailer, the RS Xplorer Anywhere provides a modular extendable, flexible platform to support the instrumentation in the field. With its new hybrid power delivery solution, the Anywhere powers remote sensing instruments through solar panels, and additionally offers a platform to add additional power sources required to meet the demands of the instrument in the field. The default specification adds 840Wp PV to a methanol fuel cell solution to provide ample power to supply whichever instrument the client wishes to use, for instance, Natural Power’s ZephIR 300 ground-based LiDAR and Leospehere’s WindCUBE V2 LiDAR. RS Power Source: A solar panel

The RS Xplorer is a scalable mobile power solution for wind measurement support that has been tested in the roughest and toughest of terrain, proving it can go anywhere for less, thereby drastically reducing installation and maintenance costs.

The system also comes with a range of communication packages to suit any location and data requirements, giving the client full access to the system performance and status. Remote backup data logging is also included in Oldbaum’s standard offer, as well as GEO-fencing security features, giving the client peace of mind as to the whereabouts and security of the equipment at all times.

The RS XPlorer Climate and the RS Xplorer Light complete Oldbaum’s current RS XPlorer range: RS Xplorer Climate is the energy box derivative, which is particularly suitable for harsh climate conditions such as prolonged periods of time with temperatures below 5 degree centigrade, and the RS Xplorer Light, the base box derivative, which can be used in less harsh climatic environments.

Oldbaum’s Director Monica Griesbaum explained: “We are very proud to extend our RS Xplorer range to include the Anywhere off-road trailer solution. As the market moves towards the adoption of Remote Sensing technologies, we see the RS Xplorer as being an essential and exciting support solution for our clients.”

Oldbaum’s Technical Director Andy Oldroyd added: “The RS Xplorer range is based on over 12 years field experience in the deployment and management of remote sensing instrumentation solutions. The RS Xplorer has been designed to give clients complete remote control over their system and ensure the instrument and data are delivered at a high level of availability. The aim is to ensure the power source is no longer a risk in remote deployment of LiDAR units.”

Please get in touch for more information on the RS Xplorer derivatives, and to find out how the RS Xplorer range can be put to the best use for your next wind project. Visit the RS Xplorer section of our website and give us a call: +44 1786 469639.

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