Wind wakes research project in full swing

January 2014

Oldbaum Services’ work on the Offshore Wind Accelerator Wakes Measurement campaign has been extended after a successful first six months. This is to allow for closer examination of different meteorological conditions, and their influence on wind wakes at the Rødsand II site in Denmark.

Offshore wakes are very important as they impact on turbine efficiency, and this measurement campaign is crucial as the results could help to reduce the cost of energy for offshore wind in the future.

Oldbaum provide the LiDAR instrumentation solution for this campaign which is hosted and managed by E.ON Climate & Renewables on behalf of the Carbon Trust. This project represents a major effort to fully understand the complex issue of offshore wakes and their impact on wind park yield.

Oldbaum’s Technical Director Andy commented: “The project has successfully completed a wide range of data-capture scenarios and this extension allows for much more detailed, focused data scenarios which will increase knowledge on the complex flow features of turbulence in turbine wakes.”

Oldbaum Services continue to provide the most efficient data services for this project, including system and data management, as well as ongoing analysis support.

Andy added: “We look forward to sharing the project outcomes with the wider wind community in the near future.”

Frazer-Nash Consultancy specified and managed the measurement campaign, and is leading the analysis of the data and the exploitation of the results. Neil Adams, Senior Consultant at Frazer-Nash, said: "The data we're capturing has the potential to give huge benefits to the offshore wind industry. By understanding the aerodynamics of wind farms better, we can improve turbine layout and increase confidence in predicted energy yields. This reduces the cost of energy and makes projects more attractive to investors."

Poster to be presented @EWEABarcelona

January 2014

We are happy to announce that Oldbaum shall be presenting a poster based on scanning LiDAR at the EWEA conference in March.

The poster, which is the work of Oldbaum's Scientist Alex Cassola, holds the title: Sensitivity of Space and Time on Scanning LiDAR data correlation and the implications on synchronisation of bi-static systems. It will be on display in the designated poster area - the corridor which links the conference area to the exhibition. The poster award ceremony will take place between 13.30 and 14:00 on Wednesday, March 12th.

The annual conference is this time being held in Barcelona and it looks set to be a scorcher! Experts from all over the world will share opinions in conference sessions and there'll be a focus on business in Brazil, South Africa and Mexico. This international platform is the ideal opportunity to showcase and demonstrate the latest products and services in the wind industry.

The European Wind Energy Association event attracts thousands of wind energy professionals every year and will be the hub of excitement and an ideal international platform to showcase our services.

Introducing Oldbaum's new power solution for remote sensing deployments

Oldbaum is delighted to showcase our brand new power trailer for remote sensing deployments - the RS Xplorer.

This new offering is inspired by our extensive field service work which we have now provided for over 10 years.

Using an EFOY 2400 methanol fuel cell and 400Wp PV hybrid power system, it's designed for use with the Leosphere WINDCUBEv2 or Natural Power ZephIR 300.

Mounted onto a custom built rugged off road trailer, this remarkable solution allows access to any remote location.

The system is also provided with a GSM modem to log faults with fuel cell or PV control system. Geo-fencing is also included, offering the client piece of mind.

Andy, Oldbaum's Technical Director commented: "The RS Xplorer has evolved from our extensive field service experience. The rugged design, suitable for off-road deployment gives enhanced flexibility to LiDAR users.

Issues such as deployment time, and the mirco-siting of systems on site are made more efficient, reducing on site time, as well as decreasing equipment costs associated with remote off-road system deployments."

The RS Xplorer specifications are:


- 100W Methanol Fuel Cell and 400Wp hybrid

- 300Ah battery bank @ 24V DC

- 0.9L/ kWh consumption rate

- 112L of methanol provided with system


- Average time between refuels is 3 months (2 months minimum)

- 3 days of battery autonomy

- Expected annual fuel cell run in hours ~ 3250 hours

Oldbaum is pleased to share the RS trailer package with you.

Please contact us for further details such as prices. We'lll be happy to further discuss our services and experience.

Oldbaum hone in on Pakistan's wind corridor

Oldbaum has started operations in Pakistan where we hope to help expand the wind industry.

Nazakat Hussain will take the lead for Oldbaum in Pakistan, his focus being on relationship building and sales. The overall aim is to expand the onshore wind presence, and to help uncover the country’s offshore wind potential, which is yet to be established. Currently, there are two onshore wind projects in operation in the country.

“Pakistan has been gifted with an immense wind resource,” Nazakat explained. “The wind map of Pakistan has been developed after extensive analysis carried out by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), USA in collaboration with USAID, Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) and Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB).” This study was carried out using data made available from PMD met sites and satellite imagery.

Pakistan has a population of nearly 180 million people with an ever-increasing energy requirement. It has a need to diversify its energy mix and move away from a dependence on imported fuel, consequently looking more closely at Renewables. Its government plans to achieve up to 2,500MW from wind energy by the end of 2015.

When tackling any country unbeknown to us, there are hurdles to jump over. Nazakat, who is based in Rawalpindi, is best placed to advise Oldbaum as he has a great understanding of Pakistan’s culture.

Nazakat said: “There are many issues relevant to the Pakistani wind industry, which involve security issues and the development of renewable policies. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done.”

He is experienced in Renewable energy, as well as business development. Formerly he worked in the power generation sector, and has also helped to develop wind power plants. He is excited by Oldbaum’s progression into Pakistan’s wind industry.

He imparted: “The Ghoro-Keti Bandar Wind Corridor which spreads 60km along the coastline of Sindh province, and more than 170km deep towards the land alone, has a potential to generate more than 60,000 MW of electricity.”

Andy and Poushali on IndiaExpo panels

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