Oldbaum and iX join up to take on South America’s wind market

Oldbaum Services are delighted to announce that they will work on future projects with Brazilian company iX Energy.

iX, who are based in the south-eastern city of Itajuba, offer various services including oil and gas, hydropower and biopower. They will however naturally work alongside Oldbaum on wind energy services for existing projects and wind farm projects currently under development.

The two companies have freshly signed a MoU to jointly deliver wind technical services in South American markets. Together Oldbaum and iX have already certified a number of wind projects in Brazil - and look forward to expanding on that.

iX Energy was born in 2002 as a partnership between MS Consultoria and a group of engineers in different areas. Since 2007 they have focused more on development, environmental and cartography services with plenty of experience in site prospecting, as well as micrositing.

This new friendship with iX can only enhance Oldbaum's already excellent track record, particularly as wind energy is now the fastest growing source of power generation in Brazil. The wind power potential in Brazil is estimated at 300GW. 

Oldbaum’s Technical Director Andy commented: “Oldbaum are excited to sign this agreement with iX to deliver expert wind technical services to the South American market. Building on our successful recent projects, this agreement allows us to provide a full wind technical service to our clients in Brazil. We look forward to interesting and exciting projects together.

Oldbaum advise Indian Government on wind energy potential

The Indian Government’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy have today published a report written by Oldbaum Services detailing the huge potential for offshore wind energy in the country.

Offshore Wind Potential Tamil Nadu was written by Oldbaum’s Technical Director Andy Oldroyd and Poushali Maji, Technical Lead in Mumbai. Its publication is a significant step for Oldbaum as it is hoped the 8,000-word document will help further India’s knowledge of the wind industry and give a comprehensive understanding of all that could be achieved in the country.

Commenting on the release of the report, Andy Oldroyd said: “The Indian Government has a vast requirement of wind energy. The purpose of this document is to address a process and ways of opening-up and widening the energy industry there.”

Following a 2011 presentation given by Andy to the Indian Government focusing on Offshore Wind, Oldbaum were invited to carry out the preliminary offshore wind resource assessments. The Centre for Wind Energy Technology in Chennai approached the company, to help map out the offshore wind potential off the coast of Tamil Nadu. CWET is the primary body in India dedicated to wind power development, and their backing can be seen only as a sign of confidence in Oldbaum Services.

“This report recognises the expertise Oldbaum Services has as a company in the offshore wind sector as the client CWET is the primary body in India dedicated to wind power development,” Poushali Maji commented.

CWET’s Executive Director Dr Gomathinayagam said: “As part of CWET and MNRE’s ongoing collaboration with the Scottish Government to promote and exchange knowledge in Renewable Energies, Oldbaum Services undertook a study of offshore wind resource for Tamil Nadu. As part of this work a route to deployment of offshore wind technologies was presented. The report written clearly shows the work to be done and provides a clear route to developing an offshore wind project in India.”

“We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Scottish Government, building on Oldbaum’s work to deliver offshore wind in India,” Dr Gomathinayagam added.

The significance of the report’s focus on Tamil Nadu is acute as this is where 40% of India’s onshore windfarms are currently situated. Offshore Wind Potential Tamil Nadu's analysis totals a 10-year period and communicates an evaluation of existing wind data in the proposed zone, a wind measurement campaign proposal for the area and an outline of a route map towards offshore wind power development. Oldbaum offer their expertise on wind data and highlight that a number of requirements need to be met prior to building a successful development offshore.

Poushali said: “This document outlines a development strategy for the offshore wind energy sector in India which currently does not exist in this country. With a 7500-km coastline and increasing energy demand, India has huge potential and they need to work towards the development of this sector. This report is a step in the right direction.”

Technical Director Andy Oldroyd proclaimed: “Offshore wind in India is a new area with a growing need for energy and is a complex and complicated business. That’s why it’s important to understand the infrastructure and supply chain in place in India, and lessons learned in Europe, so that they can deliver offshore wind at as low a cost of energy level as possible.”

He added: “The method presented (in the report) is designed to help fully understand cost of delivery of offshore wind in an entirely new market – offshore wind in India.”

Rooma Bussi, Country Manager for Scottish Development International India commented: "Scotland has an exceptional renewable energy resource with an estimated quarter of Europe’s potential offshore wind capacity, making it well placed to become a global centre for the offshore wind industry. The Scottish Government's efforts to develop and promote infrastructure, skills, innovation and technology in this sector is giving Scotland an unparalleled comparative advantage in the development if this sector.”

She continued: “The strategic work being carried out by Oldbaum Services with CWET and MNRE, is an excellent example of how keen Scottish companies are to work with Indian businesses to develop and take the renewable energy industry forward in India.”

“Today’s announcement reinforces the Scottish Government and Scottish Development International’s continued commitment to support the sector in India as part of our strategic engagement with MNRE and the renewable energy industry.”

Offshore Wind Potential Tamil Nadu, India was officially released and distributed in Delhi at the National Consultation on Development of Offshore Wind Energy in India. The Government of India will also publish the report to all interested stakeholders.

About MNRE: The Indian Government’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. The Department’s focus is new and renewable energy and their aim it to develop and deploy new and renewable energy for supplementing the energy requirements of the country.

About CWET: The Centre for Wind Energy Technology is a knowledge-based institution which seeks to find complete solutions for the difficulties faced in the wind energy sector in India.

About Scottish Development International: SDI aims to assist in the growth of the Scottish economy, by encouraging inward investment and helping Scottish-based companies develop international trade.

Above: Oldbaum's Technical Director Andy giving a speech in Delhi where the report was officially published by the Indian Government on August 14, 2013.

Poster presentations at EWEA to showcase Oldbaum's expertise

July 2013

Oldbaum are excited to announce that we have had not one but two posters accepted for presentation at the EWEA Offshore conference in Messe, Frankfurt in November.

Technical Director Andy's poster will focus on the subject NORSEWInD: Offshore project based wind atlas. Chris, one of Oldbaum's Data Analysts, and Instrumentation Engineer Erik, are sharing the podium with their poster on Scanning LiDAR installation and Operation Offshore - OWA Wake Study.

EWEA, the European Wind Energy Association conference, will take place from November 19th to 21st. This year it's being held in Frankfurt - in the hometown of the European Central Bank. This international platform is the world's largest offshore wind energy conference and exhibition. In 2011, EWEA attracted more than 480 exhibitors with over 8,200 participants.

The EWEA agenda already has plenty of hot topics in place which will investigate new market opportunities in Europe, financing offshore wind projects and making offshore wind projects less pricey. There'll also be debates on questions like 'Is Offshore Wind worth the money?' and resource assessments, one of which concentrates on Using LiDAR and modelling wakes.

If you're interested in seeing the posters and finding out more then Andy, Chris and Erik will be delighted to talk to you at the poster area session from 5.30pm to 7pm on Wednesday, November 20th.

Book your flight to Frankfurt NOW!

Oldbaum's new ground-breaking research project with Carbon Trust and E.On

October 2012

Oldbaum Services, a leading wind energy consultancy, have been selected to provide the LiDAR (Light Detecting And Ranging) instrumentation solution for the Offshore Wind Accelerator Wakes Measurement Campaign.

Hosted and managed by E.On Climate & Renewables on behalf of the Carbon Trust and Offshore Wind Accelerator Partners, this project represents a major effort to fully understand the complex issue of offshore wakes and their impact on wind park yield.

Andy Oldroyd, Technical Director of Oldbaum, explained the intention of the assignment: ”This project is at the forefront of the scientific effort to understand the highly complex issue of offshore wakes, their formation, propagation and interaction within wind farms and their subsequent impact on energy production.”

"Oldbaum are delighted to have been selected for this prestigious project, calling on our experience and expertise to provide vital data in the effort to understand this complex flow issue,” he added.

Stephen Wyatt, Head of Technology Acceleration at the Carbon Trust said: “Wake-effects has long been recognised as a vital area of research to the OWA Partners. The Offshore Wind Accelerator Wakes Measurement Campaign being carried out on E.ON’s Rødsand II site will both increase understanding of the physics behind wake effects as well as improve prediction accuracy which will reduce financing costs.”

For this project Oldbaum teamed up with Leosphere and Avent Lidar Technology to provide two Scanning LiDAR stations (WINDCUBE 200S from LEOSPHERE) and 4 Nacelle LiDAR systems (2 Fore and 2 Aft looking WIND IRIS from Avent).

Alexandre Sauvage, President of LEOSPHERE thinks: “This is a really pioneering project. Thanks to the combination of the WIND IRIS nacelle-mounted LiDAR measuring capabilities with the WINDCUBE 200S 3D long range LiDAR ones, OWA will get for the first time a comprehensive characterization of wake effects, at short and long distances. This represents a key leverage to increase offshore wind farm efficiencies and to reduce costs of wind energy”.

Oldbaum's Technical Director Andy added: “Building on the measurement programme defined by the Offshore Wind Accelerator Technical Lead, Frazer-Nash Consultancy, and E.On Climate and Renewables requirements, Oldbaum felt that a common instrument approach using similar pulsed LiDAR technology would present the best technical solution to the measurement campaign whilst reducing measurement uncertainty”.

“All involved have worked hard to ensure a compressed timeline can be met to start data acquisition this year. This is a very challenging, exciting programme, and we look forward to receiving the first data streams and interrogating them to see what information they contain”.

The LiDAR systems are currently undergoing pre-deployment certification according to Industry best practice, and will be installed and operational before year end.

Oldbaum Welcome New Communications Coordinator

May 2013

Oldbaum are happy to welcome Tina Koenig to our expanding team. Tina has a media and journalism background and will be looking to get our services across more smoothly and effectively.

"I'm really excited about working for Oldbaum because they offer such an expert service - it's great to be working with a team of clearly very able individuals. Not only are they good at what they do, they are super hardworking too. And that's what Oldbaum Services offer: hard work, expertise and a commanding knowledge of wind data analysis."

Tina is in charge of all aspects of communications, including taking responsibility for getting the Oldbaum message out there, spreading the word about the company and the services and products on offer.

And she's delighted to be working in an ever-expanding sector:

"I'm obviously aware that the renewables industry is a fantastic industry to be employed in. It's exciting, fresh and hugely worthwhile."

"There are many jobs in which you feel like you're not quite making a mark. But the wind industry is vital - it makes absolute sense to use the wind to produce power, especially as it blows so well in Scotland!"

"Global warming is occurring due to carbon emissions which is why 'clean energy' needs to be created - to save our planet basically," she concluded.

If you are interested in learning more about our flexible, independent and innovative solutions please get in touch with our friendly team - email reachforthewind@oldbaumservices.co.uk

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