Introducing Oldbaum's new power solution for remote sensing deployments

Oldbaum is delighted to showcase our brand new power trailer for remote sensing deployments - the RS Xplorer.

This new offering is inspired by our extensive field service work which we have now provided for over 10 years.

Using an EFOY 2400 methanol fuel cell and 400Wp PV hybrid power system, it's designed for use with the Leosphere WINDCUBEv2 or Natural Power ZephIR 300.

Mounted onto a custom built rugged off road trailer, this remarkable solution allows access to any remote location.

The system is also provided with a GSM modem to log faults with fuel cell or PV control system. Geo-fencing is also included, offering the client piece of mind.

Andy, Oldbaum's Technical Director commented: "The RS Xplorer has evolved from our extensive field service experience. The rugged design, suitable for off-road deployment gives enhanced flexibility to LiDAR users.

Issues such as deployment time, and the mirco-siting of systems on site are made more efficient, reducing on site time, as well as decreasing equipment costs associated with remote off-road system deployments."

The RS Xplorer specifications are:


- 100W Methanol Fuel Cell and 400Wp hybrid

- 300Ah battery bank @ 24V DC

- 0.9L/ kWh consumption rate

- 112L of methanol provided with system


- Average time between refuels is 3 months (2 months minimum)

- 3 days of battery autonomy

- Expected annual fuel cell run in hours ~ 3250 hours

Oldbaum is pleased to share the RS trailer package with you.

Please contact us for further details such as prices. We'lll be happy to further discuss our services and experience.

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