Oldbaum reaccredited to BSI standards in Quality Management, Environmental Responsibility and Occupational Health & Safety Management

BSI-AccreditationsJanuary 2016

Oldbaum is proud to have been recertified with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as well as the OHSAS 18001 accreditations. The maintenance of our ISO9001 certificate shows Oldbaums continued commitment to responsive, good customer service, maintaining a high quality in our service output. The ISO 14001 standard focuses on environmental systems to help companies and other types of organisations manage their environmental responsibility, an area Oldbaum considers to be at the forefront of their business activities. OHSAS 18001 certifies Oldbaum fulfils requirements regarding occupational health and safety management practices by placing special emphasis on best possible working conditions and safe operations. Oldbaum’s Technical Director Andy Oldroyd commented: “We are very pleased to have been re-accredited with these standards. Following best practices in quality and environmental management as well as health and safety is what we consider our core responsibility as a business.”

Oldbaum at OSES 2016

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The Oldbaum Team was very excited to be attending Offshore Energy & Storage Symposium (OSES) 2016 that took place from 13 to 15 July in Valetta, Malta. Speakers from academia and industry presented on various technological, economic and political topics, focusing in particular on energy storage and offshore renewables. Session topics ranged from offshore renewable generation over offshore energy storage to the implementation of such projects and the integration of centralised and de-centralised energy storage in electrical power networks.

Oldbaum’s data scientist Alex Cassola presented on the use of long-range scanning LiDARs for cost effective offshore wind measurement campaigns, focusing on how the technology may be used effectively for measuring offshore wind resources while deployed on shore near the coast. Oldbaum has successfully used this type of LiDAR before in various projects, a few in France and one in Japan. Alex elaborated on these projects, concentrating in particular on the importance of planning measurement strategies in order to obtain valuable results. He mentioned wind vector reconstruction algorithms used in this context, giving two examples, one by Oldbaum and one by Leosphere, and how these tend to perform against on-site met masts. Rounding up the topic of scanning LiDAR technology offshore, Alex demonstrated its possible use offshore as well by using the OWA project and some results of the wake studies conducted as part of it.

Detailed and founded, Oldbaum’s contribution to OSES 2016 was also quite unique: Alex was the only speaker to address the topic of wind measurement campaigns and wind measurement techniques explicitly and was the only one to talk about the offshore use of LiDAR technology.

Not been to Malta and curious what Alex talked about? You can find a link to his presentation here.

Oldbaum presentations at WindTech2015 in Canada

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Last week Oldbaum’s data scientist Alex presented at WindTech2015 in London, Ontario. With the generation of electricity through wind power growing rapidly in Europe, North America, and now notably China, it has become a truly globally employed source for power generation. WindTech2015 set out to address some of the challenges that still persist in the wind industry today and featured presentations on topics like wind tunnel testing, wind farm tools, wind turbines and rotor blades, and many more.

Some of the challenges that the wind industry still faces are wind farm performance and offshore wind. The two Oldbaum presentations on “Cost effective offshore wind measurement”, delivered in the ‘Field Measurements Section’ session, and “Scanning and nacelle-based wind LIDARs for measuring wind turbines wakes”, delivered in the ‘Wind farm tools’ session, were thus spot on in aiming to resolve some of these remaining challenges. The first one was prepared by Alex himself, the second one by our data scientist Emma Coutts. Alex delivered both presentations to an audience of researchers from Canada, Europe and the USA.

Both presentations can be found in our Publications section under “Conferences”.

More information about WindTech2015 here, and on the programme of the conference here.

If you want to find out more about the two presentation and/or their topics, do not hesitate to get in touch with us:  m.orth@oldbaumservices.co.uk

Oldbaum looks forward to WindTech2015

October 2015 WindTech2015 logo

Oldbaum's Alex is excited to be attending the WindTech2015 conference in London, Ontario later this month! The second International Conference on Future Technologies in Wind Energy, WindTech2015 will address the technological developments necessary to continuously improve wind turbines and wind farms. Wind energy continues to grow: The portion of electricity generated from wind energy has grown rapidly in Europe, North America, and China, which now accounts for the largest amount of installed capacity by country in the world. Despite these successes, however, the wind industry still faces a number of challenges such as reliability, overall wind farm performance, and offshore wind. These and many more issues will be addressed by WindTech2015 in just a couple of weeks. The conference hosted by the Wind Engineering, Energy and Environment Research Institute (WindEEE RI) will focus in particular on testing procedures – in both field and controlled conditions – and related instrumentation, Oldbaum’s field of expertise.

The Oldbaum team has been working on two presentations that Alex is going to present as part of the conference:

  • Scanning and Nacelle-Based Wind Lidars for Measuring Wind Turbine Wakes; A Cassola, M Stickland, A Oldroyd
    • A talk about the way scanning and nacelle-based LiDARs were used to collect wind data of an offshore wind farm, how the data were processed and compare/contrast results while focus in particular on wind turbine wakes.
  • Cost Effective Offshore Wind Resource Assessment and Uncertainty Reduction - A Case Study; E Coutts, A Oldroyd, R Murthy
    • This presentation of a case study will demonstrate the cost effectiveness of scanning LiDARs for the use in wind assessment campaigns.

Other abstracts will concern field and wind tunnel / laboratory experimental methods, instrumentation, and the use of measurements for validation.


As always, Oldbaum will be tweeting about the event – to keep up to date with the latest developments, follow us on Twitter and join the conversation! @Oldbaum



Hosted by: Wind Engineering, Energy and Environment Research Institute (WindEEE RI)

When: 19 – 21 October, 2015

Where: Western University, London, ON, Canada

Click here to see the WindTech2015 website.


Our new office may be in Perth but the world still remains our place of work

3931378556 1f873ec44a oSeptember 2015

In a move to restructure their offices, and with future growth prospects in mind, Oldbaum has most recently moved their offices within Scotland from Stirling to Perth.

The team started working in Perth from Sep 1st right away and Oldbaum Services are now located at

  • Suite 6
  • The Old Academy Building
  • Rose Terrace
  • Perth
  • PH1 5HA

Our lovely new office building at the very picturesque-sounding Rose Terrace in central Perth offers a beautiful view of the North Inch Park.

Given Perth’s central location within Scotland, the Oldbaum Team is very excited to now be based in central Perth.

Scotland is a fantastic place to be a renewable energy services company, and Perth is a great place to develop our business further. It makes all of Scotland easily accessible for us, and we are greatly looking forward to becoming an integral part of Perth’s business community,” said Business Director Monica Griesbaum.

North Inch Park Perth

Perth's North Inch Park

If you are interested in learning more about our flexible, independent and innovative solutions please get in touch with our friendly team - email reachforthewind@oldbaumservices.co.uk

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