Oldbaum are independent instrument suppliers offering sales, rental, field service, and technical support for:

  • LiDAR;
  • SoDAR;
  • Floating LiDAR;
  • Scanning LiDAR;
  • Nacelle based LiDAR.

Oldbaum Services are part of the following Manufacturer Programmes and Industry standards:

  • Leosphere - Wind Experts Programme;
  • Natural Power (ZephIR) - Trusted Service Provider;
  • AQ Systems - Certified Sales, Field Service and Analyst Providers;
  • IEA Task 32 - LiDAR.


Oldbaum Services has acknowledged experts in both pulsed and continuous wave technologies, having operated systems in both commercial and research projects. Find out more... 


In partnership with AQ Systems Sweden, Oldbaum Services is pleased to be able to provide the AQ500 Integrated SoDAR system. Find out more...

Met Masts 

Oldbaum Services is pleased to provide the UK’s Leading met mast solution provider Chillwind.


Oldbaum is pleased and excited to announce the partnership with AXYS technologies to market sell and support the innovative WindSENTINEL system within Europe.
Oldbaum also offer complementary instrumentation services including Field services RS and wind tunnel calibration.

Nacelle LiDAR

Scanning LiDAR


The following specification sheets will give you more information on the instruments we provide. If you have any questions, want to arrange a meeting, or receive a quote, email us and we will get back to you quickly.


If you are interested in learning more about our flexible, independent and innovative solutions please get in touch with our friendly team - email

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