RS Blackbox

As our enhanced data management solution, the RS Blackbox offers clients the option of backing up any data collected by the LiDAR on site to a local log-in computer ("Local PC" in the connectivity diagram below), in addition to it being transferred either to Oldbaum or directly to the client. This option makes all types of LiDAR deployments more extensible by allowing for both increased connectivity and enhanced data storage options.

Additionally, all of our LiDAR accessories can be paired with one another - the RS Blackbox in combination with the RS Xplorer, for instance, allows to collect your data in very remote locations and back it up to a local log-in computer.

Feel free to get in touch with us for a free consultation on which of our LiDAR accessories, or which combination of them, can best help you and your project.

 RS Blackboc Connectivity Diagram Website





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