RS Safe

Our RS Safe LiDAR accessories package has the security of our client's equipmet at the heart of its design. It consists of a robust metal box that covers the LiDAR system and is held in place by ground anchors, making it tamper-proof and keeping your equipment safe at all times, even in the most remote locations.

The RS Safe comes with two optional expansions, BirdSpikes and GeofencingRS Safe BirdSpikes

BirdSpikes: These are spikes that can be fitted on top of the RS Safe to prevent birds from sitting on top of it.

Geofencing: This GPS locator that can be attached to the client's LiDAR asset. It send out signal to either yourself or the police if the LiDAR asset is moved by more than 1m from its original position. It can optionally also be fitted with an internal battery that allows for the asset's location to be sent to the police at regular intervals for even greater security. Importantly, the Geofencing expansion is also tamper-proof, and sends out an alarm when somebody tries to tamper with or manipulate it. 







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