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Oldbaum's RS Xplorer range comprises a number of products that focus on supplying LiDAR and other remote sensing equipment in remote locations with electricity as well as optimising maintenance time. This offers increased flexibility to our clients working on onshore projects. All RS Xplorer derivatives are powered via a solar panel and a methanol fuel cell, and can additionally be fitted with any type of ground-pased LiDAR system.

The RS Xplorer range is very environmentally-friendly as it only uses renewable energy to power the equipment and minimses environmental impact during LiDAR deployment and operation, thereby aligning perfectly with Oldbaum's core values of being a responsible and sustainable business - something we are proud to have been accredited for with the ISO 14001 certification for Environment Management Systems. See here for more information on this and our other accreditations and certifications.

The RS Xplorer range has also been designed to maximise the time between maintenance visits by providing the most economical maintenance plan that is tailored specifically to the client and their project. Please note that since the RS Xplorer Anywhere is primarily supplied with power via a solar panel, the time between maintenance visits is dependent on location.

RS Xplorer Anywhere RS Xplorer Anywhere in the field

The Anywhere is the RS Xplorer's trailer derivative, a flexible platform that that can support any type of remote sensing instrumentation, mounted on a custom-built all-terrain trailer suitable for the roughest of terrains.

This new scalable mobile power solution for wind measurement is powered on site via solar energy witht he option to add additional power sources to meet the demands of whichever remote sensing instrument is being used. The robustness and immense flexibiltity of the RS Xlorer Anyhwere has been tried and tested in the roughest of terrains - this RS Xplorer trailer derivative can be deployed in any terrain at less cost than most other LiDAR deployments, thereby drastically reducing installation and maintenance costs.

RS Xplorer Climate RS Xplorer Climate Box

This energy box derivative is particularly suitable for harsh climate conditions such as prolonged periods of time with extreme temperatures. The Climate derivative can be used without any problems in places with temperatures ranging anywhere from -40°C to +50°C. It comes with a range of climate controls such as active internal cooling or heating mechanisms so it can be ensured that the equipment is kept at a perfect working temperature whatever the climate conditions on site may be.

RS Xplorer Lite

The Lite is the energy box derivative for use in more moderate environments where temperatures are less extreme and the ideal working temperature of the equipment can be maintained through passive measures. It offers all the benefits of the other models but is a lighter aluminium box. The Lite comes optionally with a battery extension box that allows for increased energy storage, depending on the conditions on site.

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