RS Tooway Pro

This LiDAR accessory was created to both enhance communication and reduce uncertainty of asset management siginificantly. Designed to optimise data collection and equipment maintenance, as part of our RS Tooway Pro solution the client's LiDAR equipment will be fitted with a satellite broadband modem that offers an inexpensive and very reliable method of gathering the desired data in all onshore and offshore locations. Using a satellite connection instead of a mobile phone line allows for using a bandwidth that lets you gather large amounts of data more easily. These can be sent either to Oldbaum for data handling, processing and interpretation, or directly to the client. The satellite connection furthermore makes it particularly easy to keep track of the equipment at all times and the remote control element allows our technical expert team - or our client's technical team - to react quickly if a situation arises where adjustments have to be made. The RS Tooway Pro allows for theses adjusments to be made particularly easily and reliably.

The Autonomy Box extension RS Tooway Pro with Autonomy Box

The Autonomy Box extension of the RS Tooway Pro incudes a CCTV-style camera that allows for supervising the equipment's position and work function at all times. A remote power switch allows for controlling the camera from anywhere in the world, giving the client the option to either control the camera themselves or refer this responsbility to Oldbaum for us to ensure the equipment is in excellent working condition at all times.

The following connectivity diagram illustrates how the Autonomy Box is connected:

RS Tooway Connectivity Diagram Website



The Data Levels extension

In addition to the RS Tooway Pro and its Autonomy Box extension, Oldbaum also offer a second extension: Our Data Levels extension allows the client to choose between two levels at which data may be transmitted between the site and either Oldbaum's office or the client's office. These levels can be chosen according to the client's preferences as well as the requirements of the projects, and our technical team will gladly offer a recommendation should the client wish so.

These are examples of our standard data levels:

 RS Tooway Data Levels

Both options offer our client remote control of the equipment and full accessibility to their data at all times.

Oldbaum understand that from time to time data requirements may exceed the original data allowance. With this in mind the RS Tooway Pro service has not data penalty for occasionally exceeding one's data limit.

Our Satellite Coverage Map

The following map illustrates what parts of of Europe, Russia, North Africa and the Middle East are covered by our satellite services:

Sat Coverage Map

 Our Sat




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